EZ Play Music
EZ Play music is patterned after the Fake Books that many professional
musicians use, except the melody notes played by the right hand are
larger, and the note names are printed inside the body of each note.
Chord symbols show the name of the chord that the left hand plays and
replaces all the notes normally found on the Bass Clef.  You can start by
just playing one note, add the right hand and you're playing a song.  
Easy Play Music is one of the keys to our Music Recreation Program
and allows you to play your favorite songs much faster.
There are close to 400 EZ Play Music books (About 10,000 Songs)
available with music in practically every style from Hymns, Gospel,
Rock and Roll,  Motown, Showtunes, and more.
Click here or on any music book cover to access the Hal
Leonard EZ Play Music Catalog!
We stock a selection of these titles and can special order
others you might like to have!

Click on the above link to find a specific song. Find the
song you would like to learn to play.  Make note of the
book numbers listed to the right of the song title, then click
on the link below to access the Hal Leonard EZ Play Music
Catalog.  Find the books by number (Example: EZ1,
EZ110, etc.)  that contain the song you want, and check
the other songs in the book to see which book is most