At Wayne's Keyboard Studio we believe passionately that playing a musical instrument
should first and foremost be fun! In order for that to become a reality, it has to be easy!
That is exactly what the Music Recreation Program does!

Most individuals do not really mean they want to study music or learn an instrument
when they say “I want to learn to play the piano”.  They just want to make music, but do
not know of any other way to express that desire.  They want to play their preferred
choice of music as soon as possible.  For those who think they are non-musical, Lowrey’s
proprietary no learning curve process has consistently assured individual success
without the obstacle of taking traditional music lessons.  

The Lowrey Virtual Orchestra is a  fun and easy to learn, recreational music making
device with almost no learning curve, and in which hobbyists, especially adult beginners,
have claimed complete success and satisfaction as soon as they started playing.  It is also
the only product that is 100% compatible with Lowrey Magic and Lowrey Music and
Wellness expressive art programs. The
re is no research data that shows that learning to
play a traditional Piano or Keyboard can produce the wellness benefits of the Lowrey
Music and Wellness Program. The instruments do not possess the qualities
needed to
fulfill that goal!
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The major benefit is that anyone can learn to create their preferred music for self-
fulfillment with a Lowrey Virtual Orchestra, regardless of age, challenges, background,
ability or prior experience, in one hour or less.  

Now for the first time in the Nashville area, adults and families are able to participate
together in the hobby of making music!