Children in the Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodlettsville, Madison,  and Nashville area enjoy
piano lessons at Wayne's Keyboard Studio because they are learning to play their favorite
songs right away.

Not every child wants to, or has the skills to become a concert  
pianist, accompany a choir,
play for church, or play classical music at all.  Some kids love music but just want to play pop
songs that they hear on the radio, and in the movies etc., just for fun!  Frankly, they need a
different approach that allows them more freedom to just play and enjoy the experience. It's
called, Recreational Music Making! They still learn basic note reading, timing, and rhythm,
but like the adult program, we focus on creative personal expression, rather than mastery and

We believe that some children need to be able to learn the basics, and as soon as possible
begin to learn a song that they really want to play. This approach is similar to the approach
taken for most sports. For example if a child wants to play baseball they join Little League,
where the emphasis is on learning some basics
, and having as much fun as possible.

 We teach using special music similar to Fake Books used by professional musicians
worldwide, but with simplified arrangements of popular pieces so they can almost immediately
enjoy songs they know and love.  At anytime students can decide to switch to a more
traditional method.

Some Children might see themselves more as a singer, with a desire to learn to accompany
themselves. After learning the basics, We teach a chord based approach that provides the
musical skills to form the chord and bass structure to the songs they want to sing.  

For a free consultation to see if this is the right pathway for your child call:
615-840-0929 or
text to 574-370-5840  
to schedule an appointment.

Private 30 minute Lessons--------$20 Once a week

*All lessons must be paid for at the beginning of the month based on the number of lessons that month.  
If a student has to miss a lesson a makeup will be offered but must be scheduled in that month or it will
be   forfeited.