Is this your Story?

You just retired, but you still wake up at the same time every morning.  Instead
of heading off to work like you did all those years, you pour another cup of
coffee, check out the news on your smart phone, or Ipad, take the dog for a
walk, and then settle down in your easy chair to rest.  That took all of 2 hours,
now what do you do?  After a few days of this you begin to miss those talks
with your co-workers, even the office bore that made you cringe every time he
or she walked your way.  You miss being needed to solve some problem that
nobody else can figure out.  You know that you have to find something to do,
a  hobby maybe, something to fill the time.  You always wanted to play the
Piano, or a  Keyboard instrument like the keyboard player in your favorite rock
band.  You're thinking it's probably to late,  you should have started years ago,
and now you're to old.  Plus, you don't have any musical talent, everybody else
in the family got that. Well, let me tell you, all of those excuses are just
excuses. At Wayne's Keyboard Studio, we use an easy to learn method,  new
to the Hendersonville, Tennessee area, with
Easy Play Music that allows an
absolute beginner to play the favorite songs of their generation almost
immediately. You have to see it to believe it, so before you go off and try to
climb Mt. Mckinley, or sail around the world, call me at
615-840-0929, ask for
Wayne, and we'll get you started on your musical journey!  Before you leave
my website, click on the
Health Benefits tab and see how learning to play a
musical instrument may provide a
Healthier Lifestyle.
                                 Still Working?
If you are still working, but would also like to learn to play The Easy Way.
No Problem !    I have a limited number of late afternoon and evening slots open.  
Monday-Thursday   Call: 615-840-0929 for a free consultation.

Private 30 minute Lessons--------$20

New Adult
Classes Now
$12.50 Per
1 hour class       
Once a week