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Play what you Like!

  Like what you Play!
Boomers and Active Retiree's in the Hendersonville, Madison, Goodlettsville, Gallatin, and Nashville,
Tennessee area can experience the Therapeutic hobby of making music through  Music Recreation
Sessions that make it fun and easy to learn to play your favorite songs,  Our focus is on creative personal
expression, rather than the traditional emphasis on mastery and performance.  We use a unique system
that simplifies the left hand, and allows you to  play a song after just one session!

When more importance is given to learning to play a song, it significantly increases the odds of
continuing because of the immediate success and well-being that it inspires!

Learn to play  a  
song in one session!

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Our Music Recreation Program for individual Adults, Children and the
entire Family in their own home, offers the opportunity for everybody to
experience the success of playing their favorite songs almost immediately,
as opposed to months and years in a traditional approach to learning the
piano/keyboard.  Very few adults or children want to, or have the skills to
become a concert  pianist, accompany a choir, play for church, or play
classical music at all.  That doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy making
music. Some people just want to play pop songs that they hear on the
radio, and in the movies etc., just for fun!   
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Our Music Recreation Outreach Program is an exciting way
for Senior Communities such as Assisted & Independent
Living Facilities, Senior Centers, Adult Day Care Centers,
Memory Care Facilities, to offer an Activity involving music
in small groups, or individual one on one sessions.  We train
staff and/or volunteers to facilitate activities that use music
and rhythm to produce non-musical outcomes by delivering
research based, high quality, interactive activities. It is not
considered music education or entertainment!
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